Bold Embroidery Stands Out from the Rest

Bold is not just bright colors. Sometimes fabrics and backgrounds make designs pop!

Ever wonder why some embroidery designs just jump off the fabric? Here are some techniques you can use to bring your embroidery to life.


Just as in photography, high contrast between the subject (embroidery design) and the background (fabric) makes a difference.

It does not matter whether the background is white or black. Solid black fabric used with Blooming Garden from Sweet Heirloom Embroidery makes bright colored embroidery designs almost three-dimensional.

A mixture of bright colored motifs in New York Beauty from Embroidery Weekly stand out even more when edged in white for a bit of separation.

Pastels can be bold when stitched on the black background of New York Skyline from Ananda’s Divine Designs.


Of course, thread and fabric colors matter. Brights stand out and help contribute to the overall project contrast, whether on black or white background fabric.

If Delicate Tassel Flowers from MarLena Embroidery were stitched on a printed fabric rather than a solid, the lovely 3-D flowers would be lost in the background. On white, they shine.

Even a single color, like black thread used in Black Beauties from Kreations by Kara, can make a design extremely bold.

When used as a border in Stained Glass Butterflies from Sweet Heirloom Embroidery, black separates the bold colors and make them stand out.


While some fabrics can take away from a design, others make it. Bold Flower Applique from Allstitch is much more vibrant, and even realistic, when created using bright batik fabrics.

Bright tone-on-tone fabric used in Applique Butterfly 1 from KC Dezigns keeps the design bold without distracting from it with wild prints. Stitching it on a plain background gives it even more contrast.

Please share your tips for making your embroidery stand out!