Birds of a Feather

No matter your side of the world, birds all sing the same lovely melody. Their song is as beautiful as these birds of a feather embroidery designs. They will make gorgeous projects for your family and friends!

Adding a monogram to any item and it becomes a treasured keepsake. The Bird Elegance Alphabet from Wind Bell Embroidery is perfect. Think kitchen towels, purses and bags, or even as an accent for quilts and throws.

Light designs stitch up quickly which is ideal for any project, especially when they are as extraordinary. Metallic threads would look especially beautiful when stitching Bird Feathers from Ace Points Embroidery.

Like applique? Bird Flower and Bird Giraffe designs from Baby Embroidery Shop are so darn cute. They would be adorable as wall art or as part of a baby quilt.

What would a bird-themed project be without a bird house? This adorable Birdhouse Box from Stitch Delight has an actual purpose besides looking good. The roof flaps lift, providing a great storage place for tea bags

This Blue Wren Mug Mat from All Stitches ‘n Paint would make anyone happy, whether you are bird watcher or not. It is so pretty, it would be lovely placed on an easel or plate holder.

Can you believe that all of the components of the Chickadee and Blossom Wreath from Ananda’s Divine Designs are made in the hoop? And the banner can say whatever you like because the entire alphabet is included!

How about Velvet Birds? Hatched in Africa presents a unique stitch technique. Feathers and tails are stitched and then thread is cut through the middle to create the illusion of velvet.

Which of these designs is your favorite?

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