Big Hoops = Big Embroidery

Your embroidery projects are limited only by your imagination and your hoop size.

Have you ever thought about upgrading your embroidery machine? Here are three reasons you need a bigger hoop (size 8×8 or above)!

Less Hooping

Imagine the gorgeous embroidery you can add to clothing, like the Floral Corner from Art Embroidery. Update plain styles with ease. You could still embroider some designs like this with a smaller hoop, but it would take several hoopings per area, which could be a nightmare.

Imagine trying to stitch embroidery on a bridal gown with a smaller hoop. Rachel Katherine Bridal 4 from Graceful Embroidery features gorgeous embroidery for an 8×12 hoop. Using a smaller would take forever to create.

Bigger Projects

Patchwork Quilt Block 3 from Stitch Delight shows some gorgeous piecing, applique, and quilting, all done right in the hoop. Larger hoops mean less sewing when assembling the blocks into a quilt.

Creating lace in the hoop means multiple hoopings. The Crochet Royal Border lace set from Art Embroidery stitches in hoop sizes up to 3×13.

Even projects like Applique Garden Flags from Embroidery Weekly can be made to a 12×18” finished size.

Fantastic ITH Projects

This Patchwork Purse from Inspiration Mutz was created in the hoop, zipper, lining, and all. That saves a lot of time and materials as you don’t have to cut out individual pieces, embroider them, and then assemble. Every color stop in the design either shows placement for fabric or zipper, attaches pieces, or stitches embellishments.

Hoop sizes can be confusing as some are listed in inches and others in metric. Get a refresher here.

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