Pull Bobbin Thread to the Top

It is a really simple thing, but it makes a tremendous difference. Pulling bobbin thread to the top of the hoop before you begin embroidery gives you a beautiful finish with a lot less problems.

If you have ever had thread loops or tumbleweeds on the back of your embroidery or, worse yet, a thread snag that pulls a hole in the stabilizer, you know how frustrating it is. Sometimes, the project can’t even be saved.

By making a habit of pulling the bobbin thread to the top, thread tails stay out of the way and, hopefully, out of trouble.

Drop the needle into the hooped stabilizer and fabric and raise it back up. The embroidery thread loops around the bobbin thread so that when you pull on the embroidery thread, a loop of bobbin thread pulls to the top.

Sometimes, the embroidery thread pulls freely without bringing the bobbin thread to the surface. If that happens, hold the embroidery thread where it comes off of the spool to put a bit of tension on the pulling thread. The bobbin loop should easily pull to the surface.

Hook your embroidery scissors or machine stylus in the loop and pull it through. Hold both tails off to the side, keeping them out of the embroidery field until they are tied off and trimmed. Then begin embroidery.

The other benefit to pulling bobbin thread to the top is that it avoids getting tangled in jump stitches on the back of the embroidery. A floating bobbin thread tail can also cause jumbled stitches and uneven fills.

For projects made with freestanding lace like the candle embroidery, where the back of the item will show, pulling bobbin thread to the top makes finishing stitches much cleaner.

Whether the back of your design will show or not, making sure your stray bobbin thread sees the light of day makes for a better embroidery experience.