Beautiful Embroidery Styles Based on Tradition

Some of the most gorgeous machine embroidery styles are actually centuries old. Thank goodness, we do not have to stitch them by hand!

Although many of these styles may look similar, they came from different parts of the world. Techniques were passed down through the generations and, fortunately for us, were converted to machine embroidery.


Rosemaling D├ęcor 3 from Ace Points Embroidery

Rosemaling, or rose painting, originated in the mid-1700s in Norway. Wooden furniture was often painted with this decorative style of folk art, which translates beautifully into embroidery.


Khokhloma Tree of Life from Art Embroidery

Khokhloma is a style of Russian folk painting that is most often seen in colors of red and gold.

Hungarian Folk Art

Colorful Hungarian Folk Art from Enigma Embroidery

The motifs and bright colors of Hungarian folk art vary according to the region from which they originate. Particular colors held special meanings.


Light Hardanger Borders and Motifs from Art Embroidery

Another beautiful Norwegian embroidery style, Hardanger involves pulled and drawn threads and needle weaving. Designs are typically geometric shapes and most often stitched on white fabric.


Jacobean Elegance Applique from Erinas Designs

Elaborate embroidery of flowers, animals, and birds became popular in the early 17th century during the reign of King James I.


Mandala Magic Quilt Blocks from Enigma Embroidery

Mandalas are symbolic of the universe in Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. Each has different meaning offering balance, unity, and harmony.


Henna Elements 2 from Kreations by Kara

A form of body art originating in ancient India, mehndi is just as beautiful in embroidery and much faster to create!

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