Assembly Line Embroidery: Making Magic Happen

If you are like me, you make the same project for several people on your Christmas list. How do you make it happen without going crazy? I’ll show you!

The Santa Snack Mat from Oma’s Place is so adorable I am making seven of them for Christmas. Here are a few ways you can make a monumental project somewhat easier to accomplish.

Read the Directions

This may sound silly, but read through the directions before you start. Make sure you understand the process before you begin.

Assemble Materials

Make sure you have everything you need before you sit down to stitch. Nothing ruins your embroidery mojo more than having to stop mid-project because you don’t have the right color thread or fabric.

Cut Out All Pieces

Instead of cutting what you need as you go, cut out all of the pieces of fabric, batting, trim, everything. For this project, I need:

  • A front panel
  • Top and bottom borders
  • Two back pieces
  • A piece for the circle applique
  • A pocket
  • Pocket trim
  • Batting

The cookie is available as a separate design.

Don’t forget about other things like interfacing, fusible web, and trim. The circle applique fabric was backed with ShapeFlex interfacing and a layer of fusible web.

Even cutting your stabilizer to size saves having to do it later. After all, you know what hoop size you will need.

Number Pieces

Add a sticky note to each piece of the project that corresponds to the its respective number in the instructions. Separate each set of pieces in a plastic zip bag to keep things straight. That way, you can grab one and sew.

Stop back and see how it turns out!