Asian Persuasion in Machine Embroidery

Asian artwork is indicative of elegance, symbolism and beauty that transfers nicely from canvas to embroidery.

If you have a flair for the Orient, we have plenty of designs to whet your appetite.

Blue Willow depicts a mythical love story of an angry father whose daughter elopes with a commoner. Blue Willow Collection 1 from Outback Embroidery features several pieces of Blue Willow glassware that would be stunning when framed.

Floral art is also a common oriental theme. The Cherry Blossom Cushion from Oh, Sew New has nine blocks that are embroidered before being assembled into a piece that would also make a gorgeous wall hanging or quilt centerpiece.

The rose has its origin in China. Asia Rose from One-By-One Embroidery provides a lovely design for linens that can be color coordinated to any décor.

Flower Alphabet from Designs by Celeste combine a themed monogram overlaid by a delicate flower outline.

How about a beautiful, lifelike 3D Chinese Hibiscus from Embroider Shoppe. It is stitched in the hoop and assembled into a flower that could easily fool Mother Nature.

For those fond of astrological signs, there is the Zodiac Chibis set from Stitch Emporium. Representing the 12 star signs, these designs can be purchased individually as well.

Chinese Horoscope from Dancing Thread provides a variety of symbolic embroidery. This is, after all, the Year of the Rat.

The Oriental Fan Appliscape project from Ananda’s Divine Designs has so many possibilities. The piece is stitched in sections and then each section is attached to the next. The fan can be created as a stand-alone piece or as part of a wall hanging, pillow, or quilt top.

Mendhi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration in India. Mendhi Styled Designs from Kreations by Kara includes quilt blocks, accents, and borders that are stunning in bright colors stitched on black fabric.