Appliscapes Assembled Two Ways

Appliscapes are one of our most popular home decor projects. See two different ways to finish them!

Appliscapes, or applique landscapes, are so much fun to make. From choosing just the right fabrics to mixing and matching designs, the technique perfected from Anandas Divine Designs has a huge following.

Blocks are stitched in the hoop and then joined to form lovely panorama landscapes. Diane Roberts Pratt, one of our talented Secrets of Embroidery Facebook members, has generously shared several of her projects.

Tropical Boulevard Houses from Anandas Divine Designs

Joining Blocks

You can finish each block in two different ways. One is with a satin stitch outline, much like a freestanding applique. You can then butt up the blocks side by side and zig zag them together using an edge-joining foot, or zig-zag foot. Use the same color thread as the satin stitch outline and carefully stitch directly on top. It creates a window-pane-like effect.

Otherwise, you can simply trim the fabric within a quarter-inch or half-inch of the design edge and stitch blocks together, like Euro Cafe.

Euro Cafe by Diane Roberts Pratt

Mix and Match

Use panels by themselves, or mix and match with your favorite buildings from the Tropical Boulevard Houses, Euro Cafe collection or the Christmas Village Shops. They will all join each other in any way you like. Make the building two stories, omitting the middle level, or just use the shop front as an individual design on smaller projects of your choice.

Tropical Boulevard Houses can be purchased individually for $6 or the set of all four for $17.70, 70% off this week. You can mix and match the house roofs, porches and upper levels as you please.

You can get individuals for just $6 or the set of all seven Euro Cafe buildings at 70% off this week, for $29.99.