Angels Among Us

With Christmas just around the corner, discover the magic of embroidering a lace angel.

Graceful Embroidery has three lace angels and each can be embroidered flat with or without applique wings. The most exciting angels you can create are dimensional (stand-alone), making them perfect for the top of your Christmas tree.

The angels are not free-standing lace but are embroidered on sheer fabric like tulle or polyester organza, which supports the embroidery stitches. The result is embroidery that is not as dense as free-standing lace.

These angels have no facial features and various styles of hair and wings. Some smaller elements in the angels are beautiful stitched in metallic thread

Each angel has the option of an applique bodice and a motif overlay which holds the applique fabric flat. I suggest using a slightly darker thread colour than the fabric.

A support, with plastic boning attached, strengthens the dimensional angel so she sits upright in her skirt. This is wrapped around stiffening like Vilene Pellum or Floriani Stitch n Shape and secured in place with hand stitches.

I find it best to pin everything in place and then open the back and attach the support to the skirt stiffening using a couple of white paper clips. They allow for tiny adjustments if necessary.

With my latest freestanding angel, there are several options for covering the back.  Two sizes of flat capes hang at the back of the angel. There is also an option of a hooded cape that does not feature embroidery. The main embroidery from the skirt can easily be added as it comes as separate design.

The lace veil is my preferred method of covering the back of the angel. It is probably not necessary to stitch it out with your embroidery thread wound for the bobbin unless you are doing another colour other than white. 

A very detailed PDF tutorial comes with each angel. Read it a few times to familiarise yourself with the process and how designs can be used. If you have not embroidered one of my angels before, I suggest you start with a flat angel and then attempt the standing angel.

It is also advisable not to over complicate your angel. Have fun and share your results on the Secrets of Embroidery Facebook group.

Happy embroidering and stay safe from Hazel at Graceful Embroidery!