An Easy and Inexpensive Way to Display Machine Embroidery

Here is another idea for putting your pretty embroidery on display without breaking the bank. It doesn’t take much time to accomplish, requires no sewing, and is far less expensive than custom framing!

Whether it is a test sew sample or simply a design that catches your heart, don’t just throw those samples in a box where they never see daylight. Put them out where you can enjoy them! All you need is some kind of backing, batting/wadding, glue/staples, and an easel.

Start by stitching out Crazy Quilt Hearts Part 1 from Molly Mine. Purchase an artist’s canvas slightly larger than the embroidery you wish to mount. This one was flat, but you can also get stretched canvases on a framework. A scrap piece of heavy foam board works as well. Even if it contains printing, it will be covered at the end, so it is just fine to repurpose.

Add a layer of batting/wadding between the embroidery and the canvas for a smooth surface with some dimension. Center the embroidery design on the canvas.

Depending upon the type of canvas you are using, you can glue or staple the embroidery layers to secure them. Pull edges snugly and wrap it like a present or the same way you would arrange quilt binding corners. Painter’s tape helps hold pieces in place while you make sure it is centered.

Cut a piece of felt large enough to cover the open area on the back of the canvas and glue it over the folded edges of the embroidery fabric, centering it to

Put it in an easel and you have instant artwork.

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