Adorable Denim Jacket Applique

Applique lets you match fabrics to your project. Adding applique to the back of a toddler’s denim jacket takes it from ordinary to, “Wow, that’s adorable!”

The Design

The design is Decorative Applique Flowers, design 6, by Erinas Designs. It is a three-layered applique. I stuck with two basic colors: light and dark pink. Gold was added as the accent to match the gold seam stitching in the jacket. I did not add the swirl to the center applique.

Centering on the Jacket

Measure between the two side seams to find the center of the jacket back. Mark with a chalk pencil. Because the jacket had a hood, I kept the bottom of the design just above the waist band so that it could be seen when the hood hung down.

Embroidering the Design

Start by hooping a medium tear-away or a sticky water-soluble stabilizer in the hoop. Denim is somewhat sturdy but much of today’s denim is a blend of cotton and polyester so it tends to stretch. I hooped stabilizer and floated the jacket it in the hoop.

Using the center line of the back of the jacket, position the jacket on the hooped stabilizer. If using a tear-away stabilizer, spray the inside of the jacket back with temporary adhesive and press it onto the stabilizer.

Carefully attach the hoop to the machine. Load the design and run a basting stitch to secure the jacket to the stabilizer. Stitch the first placement line. Position the bottom applique fabric and stitch the tack down to secure the fabric to the jacket. Remove the hoop and trim close to the stitch line.

Use the same color of bobbin thread as that with which you are stitching. The design will be pretty on the inside of the jacket too!

Position, tack down, and trim the second applique layer. The center fabric is a batik. I added a ShapeFlex interfacing to the back because it was a bit thin.

The final layer of fabric was the same as the first. Proceed with stitching as directed and trim accordingly.

When the decorative stitching is finished, remove the stabilizer and have a fashion show!