Add Interest With Variegated Thread

Variegated thread can add interest and appeal to your embroidery designs, especially when combined with decorative stitching.

Most thread manufacturers produce variegated thread. Some are tone on tone, variations of the same color, while others are combinations of several different colors.

The satin stitching around the outside edge of the heart mat project (crazy patch heart by Kreative Kiwi) was created with variegated thread in shades of pinks and purples. Because most thread variations repeat every inch, the satin stitching often looks striped (above left). This project added decorative stitching over the satin stitching (above right) which really changed the entire look of the variegated thread I used.

The coloring became much more subtle and quite lovely.

Variegated threads are available in polyester, rayon, and cotton blends, as well as in different weights like 30, 40, and 12 weight. The type and weight will depend on the specific project.

What is your favorite way to use variegated thread?