A Great Time to Try Appliscapes

Find out why this is the perfect time to try one of more popular design techniques!

Anandas Divine Designs is a favorite of many. Their appliscape technique is widely popular and if you have admired the projects posted on our Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group site, get the designs now ­­while they are 75% off.

Appliscapes are scenic panels constructed with applique embroidery. Part of the beauty is that most of these designs from Anandas Divine Designs­­ are stitched in a 5×7 hoop. Plus, many designs can be mixed, matched and combined to make larger projects, like Coastal Village Houses.

One of the most popular designs last year was the Christmas Tree Skirt. Two other design additions can produce a skirt up to 60 inches wide.

Panels can be displayed individually or stitched together as a panorama, like Medieval Garden.

Combine the Christmas Village Series with the Winter Ice Skating Appliscape for a seamless panorama.

Most have options for the addition of satin-stitched edges, like freestanding applique pieces that can be zig zagged together. Otherwise, a standard seam connects project pieces. Grab these designs before the end of September to get 75% off.