A Great Design + Perfect Fabric + Beautiful Threads = Gorgeous Embroidery

What happens when you combine just the right design, thread, and fabric? The perfect trifecta!

Diane Roberts Pratt is turning heads with her latest project shared on the Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group page. She stitched the Romantic Crazy Quilt 11 design from Graceful Embroidery using soft pastels and it is stunning.

Her fabrics all have a similar background color decorated with soft, pastel shades. On their own, they are relatively subtle which makes them a perfect backdrop for beautiful embroidery. If they were more bold, the entire feel of the piece would be completely different.

Combined with pastel embroidery thread, the effect is absolutely gorgeous. The fabric complements the embroidery beautifully without overpowering it, allowing the designs to shine.

Instead of stitching the crazy quilt applique on a quilt block as it was intended, Diane used it as a stand-alone piece, backing it so that the points create a lovely edge. Well done, all around, Diane. Thank you for sharing!

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