3D Reader/Writer Box with Windows 8

Hi all,
My XP computer died and I have a new Windows 8 computer. I use 3D organiser and a reader/writer box to transfer designs to my machine, I use Embird for everything else. Have installed both the 3D and Embird and both are working fine but am not able to transfer designs to the machine as the message tells me that there is no reader/writer box installed. Have searched for drivers,found a few but none solve the problem. Anyone out there with a fix for me before give up.

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  1. Good luck. I ended up purchasing a used xp laptop just for this purpose. XP is not supported any longer so if I ever have a problem well I have a real problem. I researched this for weeks. I think the mfg is pushing purchasing the newer programs. Now I have purchased a plus hoop and find I have to buy a new card for the reader. Not having any luck there either.

  2. I’ve been having the same problem. I have the d-writer/reader and it won’t recognize it on my new computer with Windows 7 (which I bought before they upgraded to Windows 8 because I learned that the 3D system won’t work on 8). When I load the reader/writer software it won’t install it because it tells me I need to have Customizing or Customizing Pro installed. When Viking gave me a major upgrade just after I bought the software, they made me give back the old discs. Apparently now I need them to install the reader/writer and I can’t find them anywhere. I tried Viking but they told me to buy new software. I can’t afford another $1500-2,000 to replace software that should work. All I need is to find a copy of Customising or Customising Pro apparently but I can’t find it anywhere. Sigh. They’ve release Mac Based software but I refuse. They don’t stand behind their problems and spend more time worrying that people will steal it! Have you found a solution yet?

  3. I just bought the 5D professional software to upgrade from the 3D and I can’t find drivers anywhere for my USB D-Card reader/writer. What was the point in spending 2k if it won’t work. I’m still using Windows XP, but there are no drivers anywhere! Apparently upgrading to Windows7 or 8 will not help me either.

  4. I just “fixed” mine yesterday. I bought an ACER Netbook last August for $200 just for the 3D Embroidery. I was frustrated in trying to get it to work and I was going between the old and new computer. Yesterday I finally decided to delete Windows 7 and Intall Windows XP on the new Acer computer. It was a day’s worth of work to get all the stuff back on it and to find the right links but it was worth it. I can’t afford the price of the 4D or 5D software, and frankly the 3D isn’t the problem – the d card reader/writer is the problem.

    I started by booting up the laptop with Windows XP in the floppy drive. I had to chose in the bios from SATA to IDE drive. Windows loaded up with Service Pack 1A since that’s the disc I had. I used my other computer to download Service Pack 3 onto a flash drive, copied the software to the Acer and loaded it up. Then I went and downloaded the software I needed to run the Acer Camera, Audio and newer drivers for the VGA card, Chipset, etc. I just searched for my computer name/model and XP Windows drivers until I found what I needed on line.

    I have not used a PC in 9 years now. I just kept googling until I found what I needed. I have some of the links saved and will share them if anyone wants but most of them are specific to your computer brand as the F-key functions vary by brand. I suck with PCs which is why we switched to Macs years ago so if I can do this I think anyone can!

    Lastly I had to make the dongle work. I checked my dongle version -HASP4 and went to the Aladdin key website and downloaded the HASP 4 updated drivers. There’s a link on the Husqvarna website with “Other Useful Software”. It isn’t useful unless you have 4D or 5D. I first downloaded the HASP drivers from there but noticed they were for the 5D software only. Just Google Aladdin HASP 4 Drivers and scroll down for the .exe program. Or heck – here’s the link for the HASP 4 update


    I tried to load the d card reader/writer software first but I kept getting an error that told me I had to load “Customing or Customising Pro” first (which was already loaded). I figured out I had to plug in the reader/writer first, then load the software from the CD. Now the dcard reader/writer works perfectly. Well almost.

    The only glitch is that the computer loses track of the dcard reader/writer when I shut down and restart. Apparently that’s been a problem forever no matter what computer so now I’m just starting it with the software in the floppy and the reader/writer attached and it finds it at start up. A small thing to deal with given the cost of buying a new full suite of software and a new embroidery machine.

    After everything was set up again I updated Windows and there were over 40 Security updates! Windows XP is being supported by Microsoft until mid 2014. But that won’t matter to me since I only use this machine for the embroidery. Heck it was working perfectly on my 12 year old Dell but it was just painfully slow. So I am not so sure that the fact they are stopping their support in a year will be that big of a problem, for me. I was running Windows XP with only Service Pack 2 on my old Dell and 3D Embroidery was working just fine. It just took too long because of the age of the VGA cards, RAM, etc on the 12 year old PC.

    Now its quick and I can work so fast. It took 12 hours (Windows XP takes about an hour and a half to load) but I did it in the background while I worked.

    HOpe this helps someone!

  5. Coleen, The dealer should be ashamed to sell that to you! There are no drivers for the d card reader/writer because they stopped supporting that usb drive in 2008 I think! The dealer should have known better. Can you take it back??? I don’t know if my post above will help! I tried running it on Windows 7 (I bought the Acer Netbook just for the 3D) but it won’t recognize the d card reader/writer, even though I had saved all of my upgrades up to 7.25, the last 3D update they did. I intermittently spent the last year trying different things. The post above finally worked. XP Works really really well on the ACER. I’m going to take the ACER in and get the Ram upgraded so that it opens faster and runs faster but I’ve used it to create embroideries, revise them and copy them onto the d card reader/writer and its all working well. The computer has recognized both the dongle (after the Aladdin HASP 4 update) and the usb d card reader/writer. IF you have a parallel reader/ writer I can’t help you there.

  6. I just had to purchase a new computer with Windows 8 and I did get my 3D Studio to work. I went to http://www.vsmsoftware.net/Registration/3D/updates.htm‎ and saved the vista patch and also found “other software” and found what I thought would work, I do have 5D organizer with my new machine. I’m not sure what ended up working, but after I installed the patch for Vista it recognized my HASP and everything has been fine since. The only problem I have is that now my designs show up as an icon instead of seeing the design. I’m sure it is a setting that I will figure out someday. Hope this site can help you.

  7. Hello everyone,

    I was thrilled to find this discussion!


    The Vista dongle patch on this link does not appear to work any longer.

    I have the VIP Professional embroidery software which includes the 3D, and a Designer II. My dongle is purple and has the name Rainbow on it. I assume this is different than the Hasp dongle? Has anyone with a Rainbow dongle made these ‘fixes’ work? (By the way, the light on the dongle indicates that it is getting power.)

    I was very disappointed with the service from the dealer as they could not tell me what would work, OTHER THAN to buy the new software, which I find reprehensible! I fail to understand their marketing strategy and wonder if there are that many people out there who can afford a new machine every time technology advances. I only wish my sweet little Featherweight could do embroidery!


  8. I got the same response from a dealer as well.
    Becky, the Vista Dongle Patch will only work after you install the 7.25 update, so install that first.
    My problem is that 3D Configure won’t remember my setting. I have a USB reader/writer, but it keeps resetting to parallel. I keep opening Configure and changing the setting to USB, but it keeps resetting to parallel. Then, naturally, it can’t find the reader/writer! If anyone knows how to solve this, I’ll be very grateful.
    No, I’ll never buy another Husqvarna product. I got a used Singer Quantum XL5000 which uses a smart card, like a camera, and a Dynex reader/writer. I use Sew-What Pro embroidery software, costing under $100, and all is well with that.

  9. I am so happy to find these posts. I recently tried to find out if 3D would install on Windows 8. My installation CD has a huge crack. I found one for sale but really don’t want to spend the $. Guess I might stick with my old computer running XP.
    Windows 8 was able to read the upgrades but would not download without the 3D system installed first. Should I bother trying to accomplish this or just stay with the old computer? I have invested a small fortune on designs and my stash. Viking has always refused to help since I bought 3D from a private party. My machine uses a Designer II with a USB stick.
    Can I use a mega hoop on this machine?
    Please help😉 Thanks so much.

  10. I have the d-card reader/writer, a 64 bit laptop with Windows 7, 5D Embroidery Extra with the Plus upgrade.

    My software works fine, except that it will not ‘Send’ to the d-card reader/writer.
    It says that the d-card reader/writer is not connected. It is connected and beeps when I either plug it in or unplug it.

    What to do?

  11. I use my card writer on Windows 7 but I needed to get a copy of FILE ASSISTANT 4D. My dealer supplied it. There is now a FILE ASSISTANT 5D. This is a stand alone program with the drivers for the card writer …. you do not need the whole program. Some dealers provide it free ……

  12. I have the same problem as Edna, is that 3D Configure won’t remember my setting. I have a USB reader/writer, but it keeps resetting to parallel. I keep opening Configure and changing the setting to USB, but it keeps resetting to parallel. I am using Windows 8 my old computer died and my daughter has the same problem, have an appointment Saturday with the dealer. If I find a solution I will put it on the site. Anyone else has the answer please post!

  13. Problem here too. I have a new computer with Windows 8.1. I got 3D Embroidery Studio to install and run but it won’t recognize my USB reader/writer so it is essentially useless. My old windows XP computer barely runs and I wanted to get rid of it.
    I used this link http://www.joeldare.com/wiki/installing_husqavarna_3d_embroidery_on_windows_vista
    to get the program up and running but he doesn’t have a solution for the card reader issue.
    So, I guess I’ll have to keep the old computer and when it dies, I will no longer be able to embroider with my Husqvarna machine since I cannot afford a new one or the outrageously expensive new software.

    Does anyone know of an affordable brand of embroidery machine and software program?

    Have you considered Embird for an alternative embroidery software? Embird is very affordable and can be used with any machine. If you need a reader/writer box, you may be able to use Ultimate Box. Ultimate Box and Embird make a great package that work well together. Have a look at out website for much more information about both Embird and Ultimate Box.

    Secrets of Embroidery

  14. I have much the same problem. I bought a Platinum Plus and got the 3D software with it along with a Dell laptop, which soon needed to be replaced. I was told by Viking, that my 3D would not work on the second Vista computer. Can I use my 3D software and reader/writer with either Windows 7 or Vista? Can newer software work with my current reader/writer? Or do I need an old computer running XP?

    Thank you for your help.


  15. My old computer is dying. Being told to buy anything under windows 8 is a waste of money. If I buy a new software, because my current one will not work with 8, which is the best software to buy. I currently have dakota sizer and have two Brother PR 600. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  16. I was so upset with Viking I had to hang up before I lost it. You spend all that money and they don’t have a solution for new computers. I got all the drivers to work, but the Reader/Writer needs a 2.0 connection not a 3.0 which the new computers have. Why did they bother to give me all the driver information when they knew it wasn’t going to work anyway. Now I am also looking for an old laptop with windows xp just for sewing. How do the think people can afford to spend another several thousand dollars for a new machine. They said things change, too bad. If I just wanted a regular sewing machine I would of bought a singer. I still have my original from 1966. Good luck to all.

  17. Possible fix for this error problem. If you go to the Program Files and find the program application you are having trouble with. I don’t have this program so I can’t tell you what the address for it would be in your computer. If you right click on the application it will open a menu. Select Properties from this menu. Select the Compatibility tab. Check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” box. From the drop down list, choose the Windows version your program was meant to be run on. Click Apply, then OK.

    This usually fixes any problems you have running older software on newer versions of Windows. Hope this helps.

  18. Sometime in the last couple moves, I’ve lost my installation dvd for 3D embroidery studio, version 7.05. Is there anyone that has the DVD they will copy for me/sell /give/loan me please? I’m dead in the water if I can’t find one.
    Thank you.

  19. Reading these posts has made me feel better and worse! I’ve tried many of these suggestions over the 11 years I’ve owned a Designer II, a d-card reader/writer, 3d software and Embird. Three computers later, I am so annoyed at Microsoft that I bought a Mac. So here I sit on my husband’s Windows 7 PC hoping to again have access to my card writer. I tried to load drivers from my original card writer disk and I could tell it wasn’t going to happen so I did some searching and found your discussion.

    I have a friend with an old XP laptop and will try to get a working solution to my PC blues using that.

    I have to say that I will never buy another Husqvarna nor the kissing cousin Pfaff. Between the pricey machine and the pricey software (with the accompanying dongle wars); the dealer telling me it’s too bad I couldn’t afford a Designer I and the lack of software support, I won’t give Husqvarna any more money. I hate to say that because none of my frustration is with the machine!!! It is wonderful!

  20. I had the same problem with my d card reader not being recognized. I went to a Husqvarna dealer and she went to the screen that comes up when you are on the embroidery screen ready to send and it has a button that says accessories, she clicked that and there was no d card reader showing. She is in Afton NY at a place called Sew Clever. I am a happy girl now with my program loaded on my Windows 8 computer. I love my Husquvarna 955E emb machine.

  21. Rose,
    You say that when she/you clicked the “accessories” button, there was no d-card reader showing… what did she/you do about that to then get it to work?

  22. Hello Rose Heisler!

    It sounds like I’m also having a similar problem getting my dCard reader-writer to be recognized by my computer. Any help/info for a contact would be greatly appreciated! My local dealer has been of no assistance because the tech is so “old”.

    – Kate

  23. So glad I found this blog!! I have a Viking Rose 605 with 3D Studio and a parallel card reader/writer, which I converted to USB with an adaptor. I purchased Rose and 3D Studio new in 2004. I was not impressed with back up then with lack of info and disinterest in lessons I was entitled to etc. Very poor service from day one here in Australia. Consequently it has all not been used much since, but am rekindling my interest only to find the following problems.

    When I had to replace my old computer which died, I had XP and all other software reinstalled on it and 3D has worked fine with a patch for the blue dongle. However, I don’t remember using the card reader/writer since the change, but I have converted it to USB connection via an adaptor previously). I get “Fault by SEMPLT.SYS” message when trying to read or write to it. Possibly it did not reinstall on this laptop, or needs a driver downloaded??? Do I need a separate dongle with the reader/writer too?

    My questions are:
    a) How do I identify the card reader/writer software to tell if it has copied across ok? b) If it is installed, do I need to download a driver for it to activate it ?
    c) I don’t think I can reinstall from scratch, unless I can find the original software for it, and I don’t remember if it came on floppy or a CD.
    d) I have an old PC hard drive which I think would have the reader/writer installed (may be Windows 95/98 version). Could it be copied across to my laptop somehow, which has no floppy disc drive?
    e) Failing all the above complicated, doomed to failure possibles, what other reader/writers are compatible with my Viking Rose and 3D Studio i.e. Husqvarna 4d USB? An Ultimate or Magic box? e) Or will I have to ditch the 3D studio and purchase alternative embroidery software compatible with the Rose and a new card reader/writer? Not much availability in Aus, can I purchase from US and not have voltage or other problems?

    Oh what an epic and headache caused by the Viking system which is designed to just keep you buying new machines and new software at ridiculous prices. I would never buy Husqvarna again as much as I love the quality of the stitching etc. because the support is abysmal here in Australia and my Technician says, sell it and buy Brother or Janome, much easier to deal with service wise as well, he finds Husqvarna very frustrating and may not continue service/repairs on them any more at all!

    I thank you all for taking the time to read the above and if anyone has an economical solution that a not so very computer literate operator can comprehend, but has an IT fanatic in the family, I will be very grateful indeed!!

  24. Loved my 955e until it “spat the dummy” Can’t transfer designs to card and NO help from Husqvana at all. Great machine, fab hoop sizes, hundreds of $ worth of designs, BUT can;t use them!

  25. What system is your new computer running?

    a) Go to devices and printers in the control panel. If there is no Viking USB Reader/Writer listed under “Unspecified” (where the hasp or dongle is also listed, then the software did not install.
    b) to install a driver, check if your system is 64-bit or 32-bit. On the disk that came with your Reader/Writer, in the Drivers subdirectory, in the amd64 subdirectory, run set-up to install the driver for 64-bit Windows 7 system. There is also a 32-bit driver.
    c) This isn’t going to help if you can’t find the disk (mine is on a cd).
    d) Only if you can get both machines on the same network and allow sharing between them.
    e) Don’t give up on the Reader/Writer. I had to do all kinds of upgrades when I first installed the 4D d-Card Reader/Writer but eventually it worked. I just went through trying to get the drivers for my Windows 7 computer. I don’t plan on switching to Windows 10 anytime soon as I don’t want to go through this again!!

  26. Finding an old XP computer is easy. And surprise, surprise, Microsoft DOES still support it as so many people still use it. Mine still updates! The bigger problem is activating an older dongle. They are NOT transferable and are married to the software. If you have a new never activated dongle you are out of luck. I will never buy another Viking product or any home product. Watch the video for Avance commercial machines. The men laugh at us dumb ladies who have put up with this baloney from the at home manufacturers. You do NOT need a touch screen on the machine. Embroidery technology has not changed in decades, only the software, and that is stand alone, such as Embird Amazing Designs or Embrilliance, the last of which has the lowest cost and best customer service and works on a Mac as well. All the bells and whistles on the home machines are unnecesary and just break eventually and then they will tell you it is cheaper to buy a new one. Commercial users would never put up with this nonsense.

  27. I have vip customizing and digitizing software for a husqvarna platinum plus. I have been using windows xp since 2003 with my software. I have been able to get the software to work on windows 7 and 8 but never the reader writer, which I need in order to put designs into my embroidery machine. I have purchased a refurbished windows xp computer and I can’t get anything to work because it says it cant find the dongle which is plugged in and lighted. And had recently been working on this computer.
    Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
    The company has been no help to me what so ever. Telling me to upgrade my software and or machine. It makes me sick to look at all the $$$$ I have in embroidery products, thread and designs that I may not be able to use again.

  28. Coming across this blog the first time today, I’m disappointed that Viking has treated customers so badly. When I got my 1st Viking (Designer SE), I ensured there would be no dongle, as I knew from my old Pfaff 7570 what a pain the card reader was. I’m now on my 2nd Viking (Diamond) & have had few problems. Seeing the price of the Viking software I went in search for a good program & even downloaded a trial version of Embird, but every user has to find what they are comfortable with & what fits their budget. About 5 yrs ago I found Floriani & haven’t looked back — all updates/ upgrades & tech support are free — forever! They even offer videos & workbooks for further education. It was a bit expensive to start with, but only half what Viking software cost. I’ve gone thru various PCs from Win XP to Win 8 & now Win10 without any issues. I feel for those still dealing with reader boxes & having to use an old PC to keep things running. Buying into this embroidery hobby & the designs & maintenance is not cheap — nor for the faint of heart! Bad tech service does a disservice to everyone, loses many good manufacturers of potential & loyal customers! Why they don’t realize this I’ll never understand.

  29. check out my facebook group Husqvarna Viking embroidery support group which is dedicated to making the older machines dongles and card reader writers etc. work. Viking is no longer made in Sweden and is owned by some other company that also owns Singer and Pfaff. The machines are now made in China. Embrilliance is a much better program as well.
    C M Vigor
    group administrator

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