Stick it and Stitch It!

If you love applique, this product is your new super power!

When you are embroidering applique projects, fusing the applique to the base fabric will yield consistently professional results: smooth applique with no puckers or wrinkles. The fact that the applique piece will stay in place during embroidery without having to use spray adhesive is pure bliss.

Lite Steam-A-Seam 2, by the Warm Company, is a double-stick fusible web that can be finger-pressed in place and repositioned before fusing. When heated with an iron, the bond is strong and permanent, yet light enough to use in multiple-layered appliques. That makes it ideal for in-the-hoop and quilted applique projects.

Lite Steam-a-Seam 2 is available by the yard, in 9×12-inch sheets, and in quarter-inch and half-inch tapes.

The fusible is ironed to the back of fabric for appliques.

The Heart Mug Rug Coaster from Omas Place

The paper side is peeled away, the applique fabric is tacked in place, trimmed, then fused, and stitched.

While yardage and sheets are best for applique, the tapes are useful for so many projects from attaching embellishments and trim to creating hems and sealing seam openings for in-the-hoop projects (no hand sewing!).