5 Reasons to Try an In the Hoop Project Now!

Have you ever embroidered a project entirely in the hoop? If not, it is high time that you did. I’ll give you five good reasons you should try an ITH project now!

In-the-hoop projects are fabulously popular in machine embroidery. There are a multitude of reasons, but I will share five that stand out to me.

Piecing, Quilting, Embellishing

Okay, that is three reasons but they are all good ones! If you like the idea of creating something but not fond of sewing or quilting from scratch, ITH designs do it all for you. Designs, like the ITH Butterfly Pillow from Oma’s Place, are digitized to stop so that you can place fabric and batting, quilt layers together, trim applique, stitch embroidery, and secure seams.

Embellishments can really make a difference to any project. This gorgeous Organza Pansy from Embroider Shoppe was stitched using a freestanding applique technique on water-soluble stabilizer. When stitching is finished, simply rinse away the stabilizer and you are left with an elegant wardrobe accessory.

The Easiest Zipper You Will Ever Stitch

I’ve stitched a zipper the traditional way, but I would never create zippered bags and purses unless I could do so in the hoop. The EZ Botique Zipper Purse from Embroidery Weekly not only pieces and quilts in the hoop but also perfectly adds the zipper.

Instant Lace

What once took days or weeks to crochet by hand can now be stitched on your embroidery machine in mere hours. This FSL Flower Doily from One By One Embroidery creates delicate layers, fine scalloped edges, and open latticework.

Clean, No-Fuss Edges

Hate the idea of adding binding to pot holders? Embroidery Weekly’s ITH Butterfly Oven Mitt makes light work of finishing edges. Again, after applique and quilting, the freestanding applique technique binds the edges in a pretty satin stitch.

Bigger Hoops (Almost)

The finished size of this Swirly Placemat from Kreative Kiwi is twice the size of the hoop in which it was stitched. Since it is also attached in the hoop with clean, finished edges, the ITH concept comes full circle.

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