Making doll faces in Studio

Today while making a doll face in Embird Studio from an image that my daughter drew for me I used a command that may come in handy for you sometime.

I was creating the following face for a doll that my daughter wants to make for her baby girl who is due in February 2011.

I created the lips using the Column Tool. It was really easy to get the top lip and bottom lip created as one object.

Using the Column Tool, Edge Mode B, I selected the Sample Number 9 – the one with the stitch points running through the middle of the column stitch.

I just created the column in the normal manner and the division for the top and botom lip formed when I generated the stitches.

Lastly I used the Auto Outline feature to add an outline around the lips.

So that’s something for you to consider when you are creating mouths – or any column shape that needs a division in it. Check out the Sample patterns in the drop down box first to see if any of them┬ásuit the project that you are digitising.

3 thoughts on “Making doll faces in Studio”

  1. I am interested in making doll faces. Your blog didn’t have an image so we don’t see what you are talking about in your designing. V1

    1. Hi Veronica, Unfortunately when Secrets of Embroidery moved all my blogs from my Hooplah blog site to their new website the images did not transfer as well. They have all gone, sadly. However if you “Google” Free Doll faces clipart you should be able to find plenty

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