I must be jinxed

Hi again,

I cannot believe that between the last entry I wrote and today I’ve been rushed to hospital AGAIN by ambulance. I think it must be something to do with writing these blogs…. Just joking!

This time is wasn’t a brain bleed, however it was just as serious, and, as my doctor later told me, I wouldn’t have survived the weekend if I hadn’t sought treatment. Lucky I did eh? I had a Pulmonary Embolism on both my lungs! Caused by DVT sitting in my right calf. It’s been sitting dormant until April when , with an aching leg, the doctor sent me for an ultrasound. They found that I had two large superficial clots in my legs and was given treatment for them. I had Clexane injections daily into my stomach – administered by me!! I think that must have been enough to make my DVT (that I didn’t know I had- although I had had that sore calf for some time) start moving towards my lungs. I couldn’t understand why I was so darned breathless. But I survived after a spell in hospital (obviously) and here I am again! On pretty heavy duty meds for now though and cannot sit too long at one time. And I’ve promised EVERYONE that I will get attention much quicker in the future! Those 9 lives of mine are running down.

But see, I cannot leave this earth yet as I have so much to tell you about in regards to software, Embird, and other great stuff ….

Have any of you got the  Silhouette software yet? Have any of you got a Cameo or similar? I’d like to know please. Please answer in the comments. And please make comments too on what you’re reading here as, unless you do, I don’t know if anyone is reading my blog posts. I’ll get discouraged if you don’t and I’ll hide in the corner and sulk as I’ll think that no-one is interested in what I have to say! ( Can’t figure out how to put smiley faces etc. into this new version of WordPress yet so you’ll just have to believe that I write these posts with a smile on my face!)

I’ll show you another very quick thing about Embird and Silhouette again today. These posts wont always be about Silhouette and Embird. Sometimes I’ll write about just Embird and also, sometimes I’ll write about the Hatch software as well, as I also have that. It’s a software created by Wilcom and I’ll tell you why I have Hatch in another blog post another day.

If you wish to create an svg file in Embird Studio that has more than one object in it and then use that svg file to create a design in Silhouette Studio you will have to do things a little differently in Embird Studio.

For example if I wanted to create this design – a pretty simple design – with the black dots on it I couldn’t just create it as usual and save it as a SVG file. I’d also have to save it as an EOF file first. I’ll show you how…..

Okay let’s open Embird Studio and go to Image/Import.

Select the design you want to use or Copy and Save it from this post and click Image/Import and Import the saved image.

*This image that I’ve used can be emailed to you upon request.

Click on Open.

Click Yes by default for now. The image will open onto your screen in the size of Hoop or Design Page that you had previously set.

Select the Fill Tool and place your nodes around the tree shape

Adjust the shape of the nodes and Finish the object.


Now to Create the inner circles

Using the command Shape/From Library/Basic select the circle shape.

Delete the satin outline when showing in the Object Order screen.

With just the Circle fill remaining select and resize the circle. Then select, right mouse click and choose Duplicate (or Copy and Paste) as many times as needed to create the remainder of the circles needed. Resize each as needed.

Generate the stitches

Select all the objects, right mouse click and choose Group1

Save as an EOF file – Design/Save As


Now go to Design/Export/and Save in your preferred folder as an SVG. You’re finished in Embird Studio so you can close the program for now.

Open Silhouette Studio. (I’m using V4 if your screen looks different)

  • I strongly advise updating to Version 4 (it’s free) otherwise you will not have the commands that I am about to show you. They were not in V3.


Go to File/Open and find the folder where your Tree SVG file is saved, select the file and click OK


Select the Trace ToolSelect the Trace by Color icon. (only found in V4)

Click on the Trace by Color box as shown above.

The cursor will change to a picker.

Move to the image and left mouse click on one of the red dots.

The file will now be showing a selection box and the red dots will appear as yellow. That’s what you want. The dots must be fully yellow as the Silhouette software will trace around the edges of the any yellow on the screen.

If they are not shaped as you want you would have to adjust the Tolerance slider in the Trace window.

If you’re happy with the formation of the yellow dots then click the Trace button at the bottom of the Trace screen.

The cut lines will now be ready on this part of the design.  In the image below I have moved the tree aside so that you can see the cut lines from the dots. You don’t need to do this.

Now for the tree itself.

With the Trace screen still open click on the Trace by Color  box once again and the left mouse click on the blue tree colour.

Click Trace if you’re happy with the yellow coverage.

The trace is now completed for the tree and you have a cut file ready to go.

You can now select the original coloured tree file and delete it.

Save the file.

Now its up to you to decide what you going to use the file for. You could use it for applique, you could create a template and use paint as a media or you could use heat transfer vinyl.

If you wish to cut out the dots in a different colour then you will need to separate the dots from the file and cut them separately.

To separate the dots you need to select the complete  file, right mouse click and choose Release Compound Path. The object will have small squares around each separate object as shown below

Deselect the design by clicking outside the selected object.

Select the tree object and drag it aside so the dots are left on the screen.

Lasso the dots, right mouse click and choose Group. This will group them together so that they won’t move individually on you.

Cut and Paste the dots onto a new Design Page if you’re cutting HTV or Outdoor Vinyl and remember to Flip Horizontally if you’re using HTV.

Return to the previous Design Page, move the tree back on the Design Page and, if using HTV, remember to Flip Horizontally as well.

Save your files.

Now you’re ready to send your cut file to your Cameo.

I won’t cover cutting the files here today as this has been long enough for me. As it is it’s taken me three days to write this! I’d written much more than this but in the meantime discovered the way I’ve shown above and had to go back and edit this post all over again. A bit frustrating but the way I’ve shown you is the better way. As with Embird there are always a number of ways to get to an end result. It doesn’t always matter how you get there but that you’re happy with the final result.

I also haven’t covered adding an Offset for the holes either. Just as you can do this in Embird Studio you can also do this in Silhouette Studio. An Offset will make allowances for any “shrinkage” where there are holes, overlaps etc. I didn’t show these today otherwise I’d be writing forever. But if you want to know about the Offset, for now you could go to Help on the Menu Bar and choose the User Manual. They will explain it in there.

I hope I haven’t made too many mistakes above – seeing as I deleted such a lot to almost start over again. And I hope it encourages you to have fun with both Embird and Silhouette Studio. And get Version 4 – Designer Edition. You’ll need it for these exercises.

Hope to hear from you.


Carolyn Keber





17 thoughts on “I must be jinxed”

    1. Thank you Jann. I’m enjoying myself – even if I am a danger to myself. Had another bout in hospital last week but I’ll write about that next time.

  1. Oh, Carolyn, so sorry you have been ill. I am so pleased you are feeling a little better now.
    I have missed your posting alot. I thought you were just enjoying being a granny at full time.
    Please take it easy and have alot of rest.
    A hug to you from a very hot Italy. 🙂

    1. Gosh Linda, thanks so much. Yes I have been enjoying being a granny as well, I must admit. But they are growing fast. My oldest grandson is now 11 years old and I have now got six grandchildren. I think I remember writing about him when he was just born. Don’t the years fly by? While we’re in the depth of winter it would be tempting to be in Italy (love Italy) but I don’t like it too hot either and I have heard that the temperatures have been very hot in Europe. Somewhere in between with temperatures would be great, eh? Thanks for the hugs. xx

  2. I am so sorry to hear you have had health issues once again Carolyn. You can’t keep doing that we need you.
    I do have a Cameo 3 and Ver4 software. I have used Embird since it came out but got away from it for a while. But now getting back to doing more sewing and embroidery again. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    1. Thanks Tammy. I’m afraid I am my own worst enemy to be honest. Last week I came off my bike AGAIN (!!!) and ended up in hospital for four days as well – but I’ll write about that in my next blog! I really must like hospital food!
      Home now and back into it again. 🙂

  3. Hello Carolyn, so good to hear that you are recovering from your ‘latest’ scare – you still have your sense of humour and can joke about it though. Love your latest blog on the Silhouette and Embird – anything to do with these machines are brilliant. The only reason I bought a Silhouette was because of your first lesson a few years on using silhouette in conjunction with Embird and love it, love it, love it. I have updated to Version 4 so when I have finished this I am off to try it out. Your explanations and pictures are so useful that it is a pleasure to follow them.

    Keep well,

    Bye for now

    From Jane in UK

    1. Thank you Jane. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Cameo. Mine sat of the shelf for a long time after I wrote the original tutorial because I had so much else to write about. But I dusted it off again and am now having great fun. I am glad to hear that you are too. I hope to come up with some more little “chats” about it too….

  4. Hello again, a few minutes later on June 24, 2017.
    I’ve just begun to read your June 14 blog entry. But I wanted to respond before I digest it all. I have recently acquired a Cricut Explore Air a couple of months ago. I know about Silhoette Cameo, and that it and Cricut have some differences. My daughter-in-law had a very old Cricut and we updated it for her at Christmas. I cut a few vinyl iron-ons using her cricut and decided to get one for myself. When I first got it, my first thought was, “I wonder if i can make an SVG file in Embird.”
    I needed help right away and found 651vinyl Facebook Group, a VERY helpful group with published YouTube tutorials for learning how to make and use SVG files. I have learnt to use a free ware program, Inkscape, to make my SVG files. I will be so interested to learn about doing them in Embird as well.

    1. I have Inkscape as well but I will have to spend some more time learning it before I can talk about it to everyone. But as I know Embird pretty well currently I find it much easier to create my svg files in there. Sadly I don’t know anything about the Cricut but it should be reasonably similar to the Silhouette, I’d think! Best of luck

  5. Dear Carolyn, glad to see you are doing well.

    Just wanted to tell you that I have the Silhouette Cameo and are using V4. I have done so many things with my Cameo and the new software. It is a delight to use.

    Thanks for the blog. This allows me to still more!

    Keep well and take it steady. We need to learn a lot more from you!

    Love Iris

    1. Thank you Colette. I missed writing it as well but it just took my brain a bit of time to get used to sitting and putting a number of thoughts together again. But I am getting there finally. Love to hear from you too….

  6. I love your blog too.
    I have not the “Silhouette” but the Brother Scancut, but not used it yet. I keep your tuto above to try it when I am less shy with the scancut.

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