I am a bit on the slow side with my Posts

I’m so sorry that I am so slow on updating my page. As usual I do not know where the time goes. Today I was asked to help someone with an Embird problem they were having with their design.

When I went to check their design I realised that they had the 2018 version of Embird so if I was going to help I would need to finally upgrade. Which I did. I am now going to have to wait for my registration number comes through from Secrets of Embroidery. However I was able to use the unregistered version in order to help this lady. As I looked through the program I thought that I must write a few more little lessons as there are some quite interesting new features. So I’ll be back – soon – I promise!. I’ll just wait for my rego from Secrets first.


4 thoughts on “I am a bit on the slow side with my Posts”

    1. I was just thinking about you today Colette, as I was sewing some pyjama pants for my grandchildren. I hope you enjoy my “chats”. I am feeling much better about writing again – especially as I seem to be able to retain my thoughts and ideas a lot better again. It’s taken me over three years from my brain aneurysm to feel like this so obviously the brain takes a LONG time to heal. I love hearing from you.

  1. Just played with the stippling lesson….love it. Thank you so much. I am puzzled because changing the hoop size doesn’t change the size of stippling area I thought by changing the hoop size. All I can get is the 5 inch square. I am sure it is something simple but I can’t figure it out. Patti Britt

    1. Hi Patti
      Hopefully you will see this answer. There’s been a few changes at Secrets of Embroidery and my blog was moved. I’ve been a bit lost as well as I haven’t been able to easily access my blog – hence the long delay in answering.
      Set your hoop size first in Embird and then go to File/Merge and then bring in your design. That way the hoop will remain at the size you’ve just selected rather than the hoop size that was saved with the original design. That should work for you.

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