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Mylar adds that pretty shine that metallic threads do without the hassle and these designs have been digitized with an open fill to let the "shiny" show. Mylar is a kind of shiny gift wrapping that can be purchased from "dollar" stores or other craft supplies. Please be sure to test your wrapping before stitching on, as the Mylar purchased from Dollar stores may not survive repeated washing. It could also come from China and there may not be a check on the chemicals used to make it. If used for projects for young children, be sure to know it is safe to use. There are stores and sites that sell Mylar suitable for embroidery and repeated washing, so be sure to find one near you.


Mylar Applique Roses

Ten beautiful rose designs that while made for use with mylar can be used as fabric applique, too. Mylar adds that pretty shine that metallic threads do without the hassle and these designs have an open fill to let the "shiny" show.

Designs done with mylar can be washed, but you should test your mylar, as brands vary. Available for the 5x5 and 6x6 hoop sizes.


Mylar Applique Roses * 5x5 $18.00 $13.50  

Mylar Applique Roses * 6x6 $18.00 $13.50  

Mylar Butterflies & Stipple

Nine beautiful butterflies designed for mylar to shine through the stitching. The last color on each design is a stipple around the butterfly. If you don't want the stipple, just skip the last thread color. This was used to attach a pre-quilted square to the back side of the fabric to make the quilt square.

Linda has also included the notes on how to stitch the nine patch shown in the sample photo. If you want to make a quick quilt using pre-quilted fabric this is the way to go.


Mylar Butterflies With Stipple * 5x5 $13.00 $9.75  

Mylar Butterflies With Stipple * 6x6 $13.00 $9.75  


Mylar Embossed Yours n Mine

Here's great set of embossed designs for you and me. The Yours n Mine design set includes six designs for the bath towel, hand towel and face cloth. Linda used mylar on the sample set and have added those instructions to the embossed ones.

Designed for the 5x7 hoops with full instructions on how to emboss designs.


Mylar Embossed Yours N Mine * 5x7 $9.00 $6.75  

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