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These felt food designs stitch out quickly and are very easy to make. They're durable to last and machine washable to keep the little ones healthy.


Yummy Asian Playfood

Kids love our felt play food! You'll love them because they'll survive lots of play time and they're machine washable to keep them clean and protect the kids. With stitch counts between 2,600-6,000 stitches, these designs stitch out VERY quickly and easily. Kids love playing grown up. Stitch up some up and enjoy some quality time with the little ones in your life.

Created from exclusive artwork from Two Scoops Rice Designs.


Fried Rice

Noodle Bowl


Rice Bowl


This product is no longer available for purchase.

Breakfast Time Play Food

Kids LOVE our Breakfast Time Play Food designs! They're soft and fun to play with and much nicer to touch than hard plastic play food. Durable enough for lots of play. They're machine washable and can be tossed right in to the laundry periodically to keep the kids healthy.

Debbie has included a detailed photo tutorial illustrating the process which is very simple. You can sew an entire set in under an hour! You use the same thread throughout when stitching the design so there are NO thread color changes! It's fast and super simple.

These would make really cute magnets too. Just add a magnet on the back and you've got some fun and unique fridge magnets.


3.41 x 3.61” 2637 stitches

2.68 x 3.50” 727 stitches

2.88 x 3.55” 6342 stitches

3.54 x 3.80” 1282 stitches

3.06 x 3.51” 2096 stitches

This product is no longer available for purchase.

Exclusive artwork by Two Scoops Rice Designs.

All American Kids Playfood

All American Kids is the latest addition to our popular felt food designs. We have mac n cheese, milk and cookies and a very happy PBJ, Stitch these up in 15 minutes or less from start to finish. You'll love their durability and washability to keep the kids happy and healthy.


This product is no longer available for purchase.

Super Cute Play Fruit

This product is no longer available for purchase.

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