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2011 FSL Dual Ornaments

Do you wish some of your designs could be used in more than one way? Here are six free standing lace designs that have stops in them so you can use them as FSL or single color work. They can even be used with mylar if you wish.

The instructions included tell you which color stop to stitch for which use. 5x7 hoops are required.





2011 FSL Dual Ornaments * 5x7 $8.00 $6.00  

2011 FSL Christmas Ornaments

Lovely Christmas Ornaments in free standing lace. You can add opal mylar for a really sparkly effect. Made for 5x7 hoops these come with full instructions.


2011 FSL Christmas Ornaments * 5x7 $8.00 $6.00  

FSL Angels

Ten beautiful free standing lace angels. Eight have no jumps at all and other two only have one. These stitch out easy and would make great ornaments and gifts. They range from 13209 to 18000 stitches, each designed for 5x7 hoop.


FSL Angels Set 1 * 5x7 $15.00 $11.25  

FSL Ornament Sampler Set

Don't you just love Christmas ornaments? Linda sure does! She and her kids have been making these FSL Ornaments for years. Linda saved a huge selection and divided them among the kids when they left home. Now she has started saving them for the grandkids. They will always have a piece of family holiday tradition and that's what it's all about!

This set is a "sampler" of several different ornaments. You can make them your own by changing colors and adding hot fix crystals. Have fun making them!

Also included is a FREE 3D Sleigh design to glide across your table holding tiny little surprises. This beautiful 3D Sleigh measures 3.75" long x 2.5" high x 2" wide, and comes with complete construction instructions and how to use "puffy foam" to make your runners stronger.

The FSL 3D Sleigh is also available separately.


FSL Ornament Sampler Set * 4x4 $15.00 $11.25  


Complete FSL Ornament Sampler Set

FREE FSL 3D Sleigh design included with this design set

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