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All Sign Designs are made in the 5x7 hoop and come with photo directions. Finish with a matching ribbon of your choice, tied in a bow.

For those who like to have a beer in the evening.

Fish Naked Sign

This one is a little more risque than usual, but still a very funny sign for fishermen.

Fish Naked Sign * 5x7 $6.00 $5.10  

Life is a Journey

It is life's journey that makes us who we are...

Life Is A Journey * 5x7 $5.00 $4.25  

Me and My House

A beautiful saying in a beautiful setting. "As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord".


Me and My House * 5x7 $5.00 $4.25  

Life & Lemons

Life & Lemons * 5x7 $5.00 $4.25  

I Smile Because

You know some days, you just want to be clueless, just because it feels good not to have to worry about anything.


I Smile Because * 5x7 $5.00 $4.25  

Hope You Can Dance

Linda made this sign for her 10 year old granddaughter - Ashleigh, who is taking dance. But it's not just about the actual dancing, is it?


Hope You Dance * 5x7 $5.00 $4.25  

On Island Time

Time to slow down. Things move at a slower pace on the island.


On Island Time * 5x7 $5.00 $4.25  

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