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FREE Chenille Jacket Instructions by Hope Yoder.

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  • From the Cathedral Lace Windows collection, print a template of either CLEndles or CL4 design & from the Lace Shaping collection print the bow template.
  • Arrange the bow in the back & the cathedral Lace Windows in the front and embroider the designs following the directions on the PDF file that accompany each collection.

Adding Chenille

To apply the chenille, use a chenille foot (Viking & Pfaff machines) or an open toe foot with a tiny lightening stitch (zigzag set on 1.0 L & W) & follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not cut ends of chenille even with edge of jacket as the chenille will draw up & shrink after washing. Instead leave ½” tail hanging off beginning & end, & trim after the first washing.
  2. When going around a corner such as a collar, simply sew up to the point, leave a tail & start a second piece going along the next line angle. Do not wrap the chenille around the corners.
  3. When finished applying chenille to the entire jacket, dip a chenille brush into some water & scrub the layers until they fray. Then wash & dry the jacket in a washing machine.

Add the following layers of chenille to each jacket part:

  • Two layers of chenille to the under collar
  • Two layers of chenille to the upper collar
  • Two layers of chenille to the under sleeve hem
  • Two layers of the upper sleeve hem
  • Two layers around the edge of the pocket flap     
  • Two layers over the back yoke
  • Two layers over any felted seams



Another jacket example can be found using Hope’s Romantic Hearts & Bows

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