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Silk Ribbon & Beading - Elegance by Machine


Learn how to create the beautifully realistic look of hand embroidery, by machine. These methods will satisfy the creative spirit of the most discerning machine artist. 

Explained in an easy to understand way. You will love creating this age old craft in a new age world.

You will need a variety of supplies ranging from 4mm and 7mm ribbons, glass beads, pearls, machine needles, monofiliment thread, spring tension hoop and more.  A full list is given with the tutorial.

You will also need to use your own embroidery designs suitable for beading. No designs are included.  The Spring Flower Font from Stitch Delight as shown below is perfect.

Silk Ribbon & Beading * Pattern & Tutorial $11.95 


Spring Flower Font from Stitch Delight.

Cindy recommends using this Spring Flower Font from Sitch Delight with her Silk Ribbon and Beading Book. The designs are available for individual purchase and can be immediately downloaded. They are not included with the book.

The Silk Ribbon and Beading pattern was was intended as a tutorial on how to create the silk ribbon
embroidery by machine using machine embroidery as the base.  It doesn't include the embroideries shown.

Actually, if you wish, you can use any floral design, just forego sewing the flowers.  But if you would like the exact designs that were used in the pattern, you can purchase them below with the Spring Flower Font.

When Cindy first created the pattern, she didn't have her own embroidery design collections, so used a Pfaff Creative card called Martha Pullen's #41.  Since she knew that not everyone would have access to the Pfaff cards, she went searching for designs that would be suitable to use instead and found the Spring Flower Font from Daleen at Stitch Delight.

Here are the designs Cindy used from the Spring Font Collection below to create the various blocks in her booklet and colors sewn. You will just need to use two or three shades of green, alternating them as you sew the blocks. The monogram letters and flowers are not sewn.  After you get all these sewn, then you can begin to create the silk ribbon flowers in place of the embroidered ones.

  • Block #1 is letter U. Sew colors 2, 3, 4 with greens
  • Block #2 is letter S. Sew colors 4 & 5 with greens
  • Block #3 is letter D. Sew colors 1, 2 & 3 with greens
  • Block #4 is letter Q. Sew colors 1 & 2 with greens
  • Block #5 is letter R. Sew colors 1, 3 & 4 with greens
  • Block #6 is letter J. Sew colors 1, 2 & 3 with greens
  • Block #7 is letter A. Sew colors 1 & 2 with greens
  • Block #8 is letter P. Sew colors 3, 4 & 6 with greens
  • Block #9 is letter W. Sew colors 1, 2 & 3 with greens

Spring Flower Font * 4x4 $15.00  

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