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Tutorials for PE Design V7

Using Design Center (for PE Design / Palette V7)

Design Center is often the first part of the program that you start with when you are new to PE Design/Palette Version 7. Unless you are familiar with PE Design/Palette you may even believe that this is the only part of the program where you can create

In Design Center you use an image and take it through the various stages to create a design from that original image. In the last stage of Design Center you choose the colors and types of fill, point your mouse at areas and have the design turn into embroidery stitches.

 If you have already had a play with Design Center and found that the end embroidery result was not as good as you wished it to be, or maybe you were a little disappointed with the final outcome - then if you follow along with Carolyn in her new 92 page lesson you will understand a lot more about Design Center and should be much more comfortable creating your own designs.

As with any program there are always little tricks that you need to know, and by following along with Carolyn she will guide you through each stage and explain to you what you need to do to create nice embroidery that you will be happy to stitch out.

Also included with this lesson are 10 videos that Carolyn created for you to watch. These videos should be viewed in conjunction with the written tutorial as they show some of the features and commands of the program.

Step-by-Step Guide to PE Design Center V7 * Tutorial & Videos $32.95 



Hole Sewing & Stippling (for PE Design / Palette V7)

In this lesson Carolyn takes you through creating a stippling pattern for perhaps a quilt square and then adding an embroidery motif to the design as well.

Often people like to create quilt squares with an embroidery design surrounded by stippling. Rather than manually creating the stippling you can automatically add it to the quilt area, however, when using both stippling and an embroidery design PE Design/Palette V7 will cover the embroidery design with stippling as well - rather than surround the area.

In this 25 page tutorial Carolyn shows you how to quickly create a quilt square with the stippling surrounding an embroidery design rather than covering it. Once the stippling has been created Carolyn then shows you how to cut a hole in the stippling using the Create Hole Sewing command.



Using the method Carolyn teaches in this lesson there will be no jump stitches in the stippling where the hole is cut, and the finished design will look as if you carefully created the stippling so that it molds itself around the existing embroidery design.
Also included with this lesson is a link to view an 8 minute on-line video showing you how to use the Hole Sewing and other commands needed to complete the lesson

Hole Sewing & Stippling * PE Design/Palette v7 $11.95 



First Steps to Splitting Designs (for PE Design / Palette V7)

In this latest lesson on PE Design/Palette V7 Carolyn Keber takes you step by step through splitting objects in a design using Layout and Editing. Then more objects are added to the design and finally the design is turned into something completely different.

Carolyn takes you through several methods of splitting and shows you the different options available.
This is the first of a series of splitting lessons for Version 7.

Before Splitting

After Splitting

To create this..

Work along with Carolyn as she shows you how to split a simple design so that you become familiar with the tools in the program so that in later lessons you will be at ease with the tools and techniques needed to split designs apart and remove unwanted objects. 

As well as the downloadable tutorial, Carolyn has also created an on-line video to accompany the lesson so that you can watch and listen to see how Carolyn uses the tools and commands. We know a lot of people really like videos, so for a limited time, get a link to the accompanying on-line video FREE with this First Steps to Splitting Designs lesson. Order now to avoid disappointment.
Note: A similar lesson is also available for V6 using the same examples. Please use the lesson for the version that you are using.


Splitting Designs * PE Design/Palette V7 $32.95 



Font Creator Made Easy (for PE Design / Palette V7)

Font Creator is a new addition to the PE Design/Palette Version 7 program that allows you to create your own fonts to use within the Layout and Editing part of the PE Design/Palette program.

 "Why would I want to make my own fonts?" you may ask. Have you ever seen a great looking font somewhere, perhaps in a book of images or illustrations, and that font was either not available in PE Design/Palette or not able to be imported into the PEDS program? Well, now you can create that font, or something similar, yourself.

Using Font Creator you can import an image and from that image you can create your own text/font style. In this 36 page tutorial, you can work along with Carolyn as she takes you through the process of creating your own font. You'll be shown how to use the tools required to make your own text style and the tricks and treats of the Font Creator program. By the finish of the lesson you'll be confident enough to dive in and create your own unique fonts.


Font Creator Made Easy * PE Design/Palette v7 $19.95 



Creating Text (for PE Design / Palette V7)

In this new tutorial for PE Design/Palette V6 and V7 Carolyn takes you step by step through creating text.

She begins by explaining how to download and install True Type Fonts on your computer and from there shows you how to create text in PE Design/Palette.

Designs like the rose shown above can be created using True Type Fonts that have been installed on your computer.

This easy-to-follow 67 page tutorial covers the creation of text, the editing of text and individual letters, the settings for text and how to use them. Carolyn also shows you how to use the Fit Text to Path command and how to turn those Wing Ding fonts into designs.

This tutorial covers both Version 6 and Version 7 of PE Design/Palette and where one version differs from the other Carolyn clearly notes which instructions relate to which version.

By the end of the tutorial you will not only have learnt about creating text, but also how to edit and split your text, and about using the editing commands in PE Design/Palette. If you would love to learn all about creating text and lettering in PE Design/Palette Version 6 or 7 then this is the tutorial for you.

The Tutorial Covers:

  • Editing Text
  • Using the Fit Text To Path Command
  • Placing Text at the Top or Bottom of a Shape
  • Creating Designs from the True Type Fonts


Creating Text Made Easy * PE Design/Palette V6 & V7 $27.95 

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