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This set of beautiful roses includes five embroidery designs that can be stitched directly onto fabric plus all the petals, leaves and calixes needed for you to create stunning standalone 3D roses.  This unique freestanding embroidery is so realistic that you will wonder if you are looking at the real thing.  You will be able to use these roses on your lapel, on hair pins and more.  You can even create luscious bouquets of roses.

The classic plain rose uses three sizes of petals, two leaf patterns, and a calix. Depending on the size of the rose you are working, you will need a minimum of 3 large, 3 medium and 3 small petals plus 1 calix and 2 sets of 1 large and 2 small leaves. 

The double color or shaded rose (shown below in yellow, and again on the lapel example) also has 3 different sizes of petals. The same calix and leaves are used as for the plain rose.

Full step-by-step instructions with photos in .pdf format are included with your download. These roses can be assembled with wire or stitched together by hand depending where you want to use them.

Peace Rose

First Prize Rose

Rose Motif in color

Rose Motif 1 colors

Rose Motif 2 colors

Just Roses * 4x4 $35.00 $24.50  

Just Roses * 5x7 $35.00 $24.50  


Use a Rose on your lapel

As many petals as is possible have been designed to fit in a 4x4 or a 5x7 hoop.  The full sizes and stitch details are listed here:

The classic plain rose has a large petal (47.4 x 44.5mm  5,251 stitches per petal);a medium petal (47.4 x 42.3mm  4,804 stitches per petal); a small petal (37.3 x 44.5mm  2,448 stitches per petal); 1 large leaf and 2 small leaves (97.0 x 93.8mm  18,945 stitches) and a calix (63.0 x 56.2mm  3,765 stitches).

The double color or shaded rose has also 3 different sizes of petals. Large (53.5 x 50.4mm  6,438 stitches per petal); medium (47.4 x 44.6mm  5,274 per petal); small (47.4 x 42.4mm  4,821 stitches per petal). The calixes and leaves are the same.

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