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Personalize your soft toys with different fabrics or hair color, there are plenty of facial expressions to choose from.  Each set includes 3 different sizes for your Soft Toys & Ragdolls, 4x4, 5x7 and 6x8. 

Soft Toys 1

Soft Toys 1 * 4x4 $1.50  

Colorful Soft Toys

Soft Toys 2

Soft Toys 2 * 4x4 $1.50  

Soft Toy Numbers

Soft Toy Numbers * 5x7 $1.50  

Ragdolls 1

Rag Dolls 1 * 4x4 $1.50  

Ragdolls 2

Rag Dolls 2 * 4x4 $1.50  


1. Stitch first back pattern and cut away excess fabric leaving a wide margin..notice small hole in bottom of center done with seam ripper...keep small at this time.

2. Stitch second piece..front of bear and before final color stitch.. place first piece (back) over front in hoop.

3. Use outlines to line up...I use a color the same as the fabric for these outline stitches...next you will see why

4. Final stitching completed....see the outlines do not match up exactly...this is OK...if the thread color is close to the fabric

5. Remove as much stabilizer as possible because any remaining will restrict stuffing and not look good...clip jump stitches also for the same reason.

6. Use a pencil eraser to finish turning and shaping small parts....

7. Stuff well and sew up back seam....enjoy...for a cat toy... add a little catnip to the stuffing!

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