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Scroll down for the Lace Windmill instructions and designs

Learn how to make your freestanding Lace Windmill in these 10 easy steps.

Step 1. Use 2 sticks (dowels), one long (like a kebab stick, app 9.2') and the second one a lot shorter (app 1.6") long. My hubby loves woodwork and he made these ones. Not thicker than 0.16' in diameter.  You can also use buttons and a glue gun to get the same effect.

Step 2. Stitch out 6 panels. I stitched out 2 different colored panels just to show you what a difference color can do to your little windmill.

Step 3. Place all 6 panels on top of each other with holes matching.

Step 4. Fold as shown in the photo. (like closing a book).

Step 5. Remember to align the little holes again.

Step 6. Insert short dowel.

Step 7. Attached dowels to each other. (I used glue to keep them from falling apart)

Step 8. Spread windmill panels evenly. Tip: Annemarie used a bit of glue to keep them in this position.

Step 9. And this is what your little windmill looks like from behind ...

Step 10. ... and from the front.

Just place it in front of a fan or in the garden and see how it turns.


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