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These appliqué designs are gorgeous sewn on heirloom keepsakes. The appliqué portion of each design is perfect for a monogram or small floral design. It is also a great place to appliqué with scenic fabric or pictures printed on fabric, the designs create an elegant frame for any picture. Cinderella Cutouts can also be sewn as "cutouts", a unique technique similar to appliqué in which you create a small "window" in your design with sheer fabric.
Detailed instructions for sewing appliqués and "cutouts" are included in a PDF file in your download.

Scroll down to see all of the sets and the Special Offer. Please note the HUS format does not include the 6x15 sized designs in the Special Offer.


Cinderella Cutouts 4x4 & 5x7

These Cinderella Cutout desgins come in two sizes - 4x4" and 5x7".

Cinderella Cutouts * 4x4 $20.00  

Cinderella Cutouts * 5x7 $20.00  

Cinderella Cutouts 6x9

Cinderella Cutouts * 6x9 $20.00  

Cinderella Cutouts 6x15

Cinderella Cutouts * 6x15 $20.00  

Special Offer - Cinderella Cutouts 4x4, * 5x7, 6x9 & 6x15 $45.00  

For the Special Offer above, please note the HUS format does not include the 6x15 sized designs.


Cinderella Cutouts Pillowcase

Another Cinderella Cutouts Pillowcase.

Download Free Cinderella Cutouts Pillowcase Tutorial


Cinderella Cutout Handkerchief with monogram detail

Download Freebie


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