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FSL Christening Shoes

These shoes are for the 4x4 Hoop. They should fit a baby from newborn to 3 months.

FSL Christening Shoes * 4x4 $1.50  

Delicate Freestanding Lace Booties
Delicate Freestanding Lace Booties
for the 5x7 Hoop.  These delicate booties are made with Freestanding Lace.  After sewing the designs on disolvable stabilizer, place them in a jar with soap water and shake it to disolve the stabilizer, then in a jar of clean water and shake it, then finally shake in water with fabric softner. This makes the booties very soft and they will fit a 2mth old baby.

FSL Booties * 5x7 $1.50  


Freestanding Lace Baby Shoes

Following are 17 different sets of baby shoes. These are fun to make and no sewing is involved. Instructions included with each the file. Each shoe includes 3 different sizes for the 100x100, 180X130 and 260x160.

Shoe sizes are as follows: Large Shoe 10.5x4.5cm, Medium Shoe 8.5x3.5cm, Small Shoe 5.5x2.5cm. If you use 100% cotton or 100% silk thread and join by sewing instead of the hot glue gun, the large and medium shoes can be use for infants. The small one will fit a doll or can be use as christening cake decoration.  If you do not like freestanding lace, you can stitch them on organza and burn the eyelets with a soldering iron.

Baby Shoes Set 1 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 2 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 3 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 4 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 5 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 6 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 7 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 8 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 12 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 13 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 14 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 15 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 16 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 17 * 6x8 $1.50 


FSL Baby Shoes 4x4

Baby Shoes Set 09 * 4x4 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 10 * 4x4 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 11 * 4x4 $1.50 

Freestanding Lace Slip-On Baby Shoes Set 1

Slip on Shoes 1 * 4x4 $1.50  

Freestanding Lace Slip-On Baby Shoes Set 2

Slip on Shoes 2 * 4x4 $1.50  

Freestanding Lace Slip-On Baby Shoes Set 3

Slip on Shoes 3 * 4x4 $1.50  

Freestanding Lace Slip-On Baby Shoes Set 4

Slip on Shoes 4 * 4x4 $1.50  

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