When the Fabric Isn’t Quite Right, Use the Back!

I have used this trick several times and it will save your embroidery project in a pinch. When your fabric is not quite right, flip it over and use the back! Most of us have an extensive fabric stash but, sometimes, the fabric isn’t quite right. Many times, you are stitching late at night when fabric stores are closed, or you simply do not have time to run and buy another fabric.

In this case, I was embroidering a reading pillow. The tone-on-tone paisley print for the background (top)  was pretty. When the applique was introduced, the background was just a little too bright. There was too much contrast.

When I turned the fabric over, I now had a subtle and more even tone-on-tone print(bottom). That ended up being perfect for my reading pillow project.

This photo is a bit overexposed in spots and doesn’t quite do the fabric justice. You can see in the upper left corner that the soft paisley background works great with this pillow. The pocket looks the same in more even lighting.

Stay tuned, I will show you how to create this adorable reading pillow using the Large Farm Animals Applique set from Kreative Kiwi!