Shortcut for Trimming Letters

Trimming jump stitches in embroidered text is one of my least favorite  tasks. I will share a little short cut with you that saves some time and keeps stitching clean.

I used to trim jump stitches between each letter as they stitched. That is monotonous, starting and stopping the machine to clip thread. Now, I cut that time in half with this technique.

When fonts stitch, the thread typically jumps from the end of one letter to the beginning of the next. Here, after the “S” stitches, it ends at position 1 and jumps to position 2.

I let the “a” at position 2 stitch a couple of stitches to secure the thread, stop the machine, and clip the jump thread at position 2.

Tension on the thread lets it stand up straight, out of the way. Start the machine back up and continue stitching the “a.” That covers up the spot where the jump thread was clipped quite nicely.

When stitching finishes on the “a” (position  3) and jumps to the “n” (position 4),  let the machine stitch a couple of stitches, stop the machine, and cut the thread at position 4.

Continue until all text is stitched. So long as the trimmed text stitches do not fall in the embroidery field, you can wait to trim them completely until you are done.

This works best with fonts that are not extremely small. In projects with small text, trimming is often done after embroidery and tweezers help to secure threads.