Tips for Stitching Kid Projects

See how to make much-loved gifts last even longer!

When a youngster likes something that you make them, they will play with it a lot. If you want it to last, keep these tips in mind:

Make Sure it is Washable

Crayon Quilting Designs from SewAZ

Use a quality cotton or fleece that will be easy to launder when needed. Pre-shrink fabric that will be washed and dried. Stitching must also be able to withstand repeated washing. Polyester thread holds up better to repeated laundering.

Use a Premium Felt

Cute Animal Puppets from Embroidery Weekly

Craft felt is often too thin to hold up to busy hands. Choose a wool felt or, at the very least, a premium felt. Both will hold up much better to use.

Consider Age

Zoo Memory Blocks from Embroidery Weekly

Make sure the item is age appropriate for best resuts. For babies, avoid small parts, like buttons, that can come off and create a choking hazard.

Girly Zip Bags from Ronells Creations

And do not forget the tweens. Cool zip bags can be customized to the recipient.

Add a Label

Lets Go Fish Quilt from Stitch Delight

When stitching a project for your loved ones, be sure to add a label, especially if it is a quilt or wallhanging. You may not believe it now, but items like these become family heirlooms and should be documented for future appreciation.