Tips for Kid-Friendly Flannel Projects

It is so much fun to embroider bankets and clothing. These tips will help them last!

Flannel is a comfortable and versatile fabric which makes it perfect for kids of all ages.

Quality Counts

There is a measurable difference in flannel quality across the market. A better cut will wear well, be softer, and last longer.

Pre-shrink & Iron

Always machine wash and dry your flannel before stitching. It will shrink quite a bit. I like to iron it to remove all wrinkles using Best Press.

Pick a Panel

There are some adorable flannel panels on the market. That takes the real work out of constructing a blanket.

Cut Batting/Wadding and Backing Larger

Use a cotton, low-loft batting/wadding. Always cut your batting/wadding and backing larger than your panel so that you can quilt to the edge. Make a self-binding for the edge or cut everything to size after you are done stitching the panel.

Spray Baste & Pin

Using a temporary spray adhesive in addition to curved safety pins to keep layers in place and avoid wrinkles and puckering.

Use Decorative Stitches & Thread

Most embroidery machines have built-in stitches that you can easily use to quilt a panel to batting/wadding and backing. Test them out on a sample to get your needle position perfected before stitching the real thing.

Polyester thread will shine and wear well with laundering while cottons will have more of a matte finish.