Tips for ITH Freestanding Applique Projects

Stitching freestanding applique opens up a world of possibilities in machine embroidery!

I love applique and that is probably why I so enjoy creating freestanding applique projects. The concept is the same as traditional applique except that you use WSS and typically make the piece double sided. Here are some tips that will give your freestanding applique projects a professional finish.

Use a topper with lofty fabrics to keep stitches from sinking out of sight. Leave the topper on until the project is complete. That helps prevent snagging on the plush fabric and makes it easier to clip any jump stitches.

Trim as close as possible. Using proper scissors makes a big difference.

Plush/fur fabrics and batting sometimes show through, even the most generous satin stitches. Permanent markers color over sparce areas.

When assembling multiple pieces in the hoop, like the Large Santa Applique from Kreative Kiwi Embroidery, cut  pieces ahead of time and number them according to the directions.

Keep freestanding embroidery crisp and make your own stiffener to add life to tired pieces.