Tips for Embroidering With Bigger Hoops

You may have your hands full with a larger hoop but these tips will help!

Big hoops mean bigger embroidery but also some small challenges. These tips will help you successfully navigate machine embroidery in big hoops.

Use a Hooping Mat

DIME manufactures a silicone hooping mat that makes hooping so much easier. It not only helps hold the bottom hoop in place, the grid work also aids in centering the item that you are hooping for embroidery.

Keep Layers in Place

Temporary spray adhesive, like KK 2000 or 505, work wonders when it comes to multiple layers in any size hoop. When you are working with larger quilt blocks, batting, and stabilizer, a temporary spray adhesive helps to hold everything in place while hooping.

Make sure to spray the back of the fabric or batting rather than spraying the stabilizer in the hoop. That will prevent sticky residue buildup on the hoop.

Baste Everything in the Hoop

After you get your stabilizer and embroidery hooped properly, I like to run a basting stitch. Most machines are capable of adding a basting stitch around the design to secure it to the fabric and stabilizer. Larger hoops typically mean you are embroidering a bigger item. Basting stitches help with proper stitch alignment and keep multiple layers, like quilt blocks, batting, and backing, in place.

Please share any tips you have for stitching success with bigger hoops.