Tips and Resources for Fantastic Freestanding Lace

We’ll show you how to take your freestanding lace projects to the next level!

Stitching lace in the hoop is so much fun. Here are some ways to enhance the overall presentation.

Hot Fix Angelina

Angelina fibers that are fusible make a gorgeous shimmering effect that you can embroider over. An opalescent fiber, fused together in a very thin layer, makes a background like FSL Floral Cameos from Ace Points Embroidery quite extraordinary.

Place a layer of fused fibers over the background area and trim before the satin stitch outline. Then embroider the center accents. See how to fuse Angelina fibers in this tutorial.

Use Specialty Thread

Consider specialty embroidery thread like tweeds and twists to mimic colors in nature. Metallics add an extra element of elegance, especially in designs like FSL Giant Butterfly from Stitch Delight. If metallic thread scares you, read these tips for stitching success with metallic thread.

Add Accents

Beads and hot fix crystals are ideal for any FSL project that incorporates circles, like flowers and butterflies. FSL Decorative Flowers from Sweet Heirloom Embroidery is a great example of a freestanding lace design that is begging for bling.

Keep Lace Crisp

Lace Drops from Creative Design combines delicate embroidery within a lace-edged frame.

If you accidently wash out too much water-soluble stabilizer from your FSL, you can bring it back to life by spraying or dipping it in fabric stiffener. Use spray starch or make your own from water-soluble stabilizer scraps.