Three-Dimensional Embroidery Made in the Hoop

These 3D projects will open your eyes to the potential of ITH embroidery and there is even a free sample!

There are so many types of three-dimensional embroidery it may surprise you. What isn’t surprising is that you can stitch it right in the hoop!

Freestanding Organza

Butterflies look so delicate and even lifelike when stitched on organza like Papillon on Organza from Inspiration Mutz.

3D Flowers 1 from Embroider Shoppe are quite lifelike. Organza adds a bit of shimmer to the petals and leaves.

Freestanding Lace

Freestanding lace has come a long way. Sometimes lace is edging or flat ornaments, like Floral Baskets 2 from Ace Points Embroidery.

FSL can also be dimensional, like Fabrege Eggs from Embroidery Weekly.

How about a pretty Tiara from Mar Lena Embroidery, complete with jewels.

This gorgeous Floral Shoulder Overlay from Art Embroidery is also stitched in the freestanding lace technique. See just how easy FSL embroidery is to stitch here.

A Bit of Fringe

The 3D Giant Organza Anemone from Ananda’s Divine Designs is exquisite.  Center fringe adds even more lifelike dimension to the freestanding organza project.

Delicate Tassel Flowers from Mar Lena Embroidery utilize a special fringe technique. If you think it is a pretty cool concept, download the freebie and give it a try.


Stumpwork originated as a very labor intensive form of three-dimensional hand embroidery. Into Embroidery provides a very realistic design that you can stitch in the hoop. It is created much like freestanding applique in a fraction of the time that it once took to make.

Which project will you try?