The One Tip You Need for Embroidering Bags ITH

Make detailed in-the-hoop projects even easier with this one tip!

Some pretty fantastic bags can now be stitched right in the hoop using your embroidery machine. With this magic, comes multiple pieces of fabric assembled in a particular order. That can get confusing, but you can make it so much easier.

The Tea Time Mug Tote from Omas Place is a darling gift, especially when you combine it with a pretty mug and a matching mug rug. The directions tell you exactly what to do and when to do it, step by step, including photos.

There are multiple pieces that get assembled in the hoop. You have a top border, center, applique frame, and bottom.

Same for the back, with the addition of a pocket.

Then there is a lining and handles, plus fusible fleece and interfacing.

You can easily prep all components before sitting down at the machine. The trick to success? Mark each piece.

Keep it all straight by attaching a note to each piece indicating what it is. You can also add the number that each piece refers to in the directions. That way, you can grab the correct piece as you work through your stitch sequence.

The design is digitized so that the machine will stop along the way, allowing you to add pieces and embroider accents. With pieces marked, you have less stress and less chances of stitching the wrong pieces together.

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