Eight Great Ways to Make Your Embroidery Project Bold and Beautiful!

See how to make a statement with your next machine embroidery project!

Stitching on Black

One of the easiest ways to make your projects pop is to stitch them in bright colors on a black fabric. Exotic Birds Applique from Anandas Divine Designs looks great on white but when you stitch it on black, it really pops off of the background.

Outlining Designs

Designs that mimic stained glass, like Stained Glass Butterflies from Sweet Heirloom Embroidery are nearly as impressive as designs stitched on black fabric.

Reverse Applique

For impact of darker colors showing through lighter ones, try Reverse Floral Applique from All Stitches n Paint. This lovely pillow is stunning, both in contrast and in its stitching. By cutting away parts of the foreground fabric, the bright back accents the design.

Add Some Fringe

Delicate Tassel Flowers from Mar Lena Embroidery are like nothing you have ever seen. Genius digitizing and simply snipping the bobbin thread turns satin stitching into lovely fringed flowers. This tutorial shows you just how easy it is to do.

Painting with Thread

Thread painting involves expert digitizing that mimics brush strokes. Porcelain Painting from Kreations by Kara is a good example of this lovely effect. It is even more stunning embroidered on a black background.

Luxurious Fabric

Fabric plays a big part in machine embroidery as an art. Using a higher-end fabric, like silk dupioni adds a luxurious tone to Romantic Crazy Quilt 11 from Graceful Embroidery. With a subtle sheen, silk dupioni is a favorite of heirloom embroiderers and sewers.


Ribbons, beads, and lacework take any project up a notch, especially heirloom embroidery. Romantic Crazy Quilt 10 from Graceful Embroidery, becomes quite extraordinary with the detailed stitching and accents.

 Background Quilting

Sometimes, the most impressive embroidery projects begin with a simple canvas. Quilted Swirls Table Runner from Designs 4 Africa is a wonderful example of a most extraordinary outcome using plain fabric. The quilting detail is what makes the piece and a busy background fabric would not do the stitching justice.

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