Stitching Baby Soft Embroidery

Adorable outfits for babies and children often turn into family heirlooms. Here is how you can make them comfortable.

It is so much fun to embellish clothing and wearables for babies and children, like Babies on the Moon 7 from Stitch Emporium, but the embroidery threads and knots can really irritate their skin.

Soft, flexible knit mesh can be ironed on the back of machine embroidery in order to cover threads that may irritate skin.

These cover ups are different from stabilizers. You embroider on top of stabilizers, they support the stitches. Cover ups make the back of the embroidery pretty while keeping everything soft to the touch.

When fused to the back of embroidery, the cover up backings can also help to eliminate some puckering, particularly on knit fabrics. Just ease the wrinkle as you fuse the fabric to the cover up.

Try these products:

Cut a piece of cover up slightly larger than the stitching area and round all corners and fuse as directed.

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