Stitch a Shimmering Rose Garden

The leaves and petals in this gorgeous ITH project glisten as if they were touched by the sun.

Tiffany Rose Garden by Hatched in Africa is a stunning design that brings florals to life. The secret is that the embroidery is stitched over opalescent mylar.

Embroidering on Mylar

Mylar designs are digitized with light stitching so that the shine shows through. It also includes edge stitching to secure the mylar to the fabric, allowing it to be torn away easily after embroidery.

Creating these blocks is an easy form of applique. Stitching lines show were to place batting, fabric, and mylar.

There are two Tiffany Rose Garden design sets available, one in 5×7 and the other in 6×10. Fans of our appliscape designs will love this project as it can be assembled in the same two ways.

Block Border Options

Whether it is the borders, corners or individual blocks, each one can be stitched with a border, like a freestanding applique, or without a border, like a standard quilt block.

The borders contribute to the stained glass look since they take on the appearance of lead came used in traditional stained glass windows.

Once the satin-stitched edge is finished, you can butt squares together and zig zagging them together.

Otherwise, trim blocks with a seam allowance, cut batting from the seam allowance and stitch blocks together as you would any quilt project.

A Bit About Mylar

Mylar, a DuPont brand name also known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film, is often used as gift wrap. Most designers do not recommend using mylar from balloons.

Iridescent/opalescent films add a shimmering highlight while taking on the color of the thread and tears away easily after stitching.

Hatched in Africa gets their mylar from It can be laundered and dried on low heat and even ironed with a press cloth but should not be dry cleaned.