Sharing a Piece of My Heart

This design is perfect for preserving precious memories and stitches up fast.

If you like the idea of memory projects, this in-the-hoop design allows you to share the love. Heart Coasters from Omas Place can be used not only to protect your table top but also as a wonderful memorial.

Other Uses for Heart Coasters

Hearts are pieced and completely finished in the hoop. Add a hanger and use it for an ornament. Stuff and use as decor or as a pin cushion. Add lavender for a drawer sachet. Make a keepsake to commemorate a wedding, birth, or to honor a passing.

Memorial Heart Fabrics

Consider using clothing from loved ones, baby clothes, neck ties, or old linens to construct memorial hearts. Other items, like old quilts, scraps of antique lace, or wedding dresses can also be used, particularly if they are damaged or stained. Small pieces can be easily salvaged for this project.

Customize With Text

Add a personal touch to each heart. Embroider a name, monogram, or date to commemorate the occasion. As a bonus, you can stitch details of the fabrics and honoree, much like a quilt label, on backing pieces. What was the occasion? Whose fabrics does it include? These little lovelies will likely become beloved family heirlooms.