Seeing Double: Two-sided ITH Santa Hanger

Hang Santa in a window, it could not be easier to make in the hoop!

In-the-hoop (ITH) designs are wonderful since there is virtually no finish work (besides dissolving some wash-away stabilizer at the end). Kreative Kiwi Embroidery has mastered the art of creating large freestanding applique projects in as small as a 5×7 hoop. You might not believe just how easy it is!

The Large Santa Applique is a perfect project for this time of year and it comes in three sizes. The 5×7 finishes at 7.5×8 inches, 6×10 finishes at 9×9.5 inches, and 8×8 finishes at 9.5×9.8 inches.

Kreative Kiwi provides great instructions and generous satin stitch applique edges so, if you are new to applique, this is a fun way to start. The machine will stop every time you need to add fabric, trim fabric, or change colors.

The piece is made in just three hoopings and is completely assembled in the hoop. You can stitch Santa on just one side. This tutorial will make it a double-sided hanger. Specifics can be found in the design instructions and you can watch a wonderful video here.

The Beard

Begin by hooping water-soluble stabilizer (WSS).

Placement stitches show you where to position beard fabric on back of the hoop

and batting on the front of the hoop. Use the same color thread in the bobbin a that with which you are stitching.

Trim batting and add the beard fabric to the front of the hoop.

Add a WSS topper on top of the beard fabric and stitch a tack-down to secure in place.

Trim, front and back, and add the finishing satin-stitched edge.

When embroidery is done for piece 1, trim WSS close to stitching and hoop new stabilizer for piece 2.

The Face

Continue embroidery per instructions to create the Santa face. When instructed, place the beard against the face, lining up edges. Secure in place and stitch.

When finished, trim close to the WSS, and remove from the hoop.

Finishing the Hat

Hoop WSS and stitch the rest of the hat as instructed. After trimming, line up the Santa face/beard and secure in place.

Finish the holly and satin stitching.

Remove everything from the hoop and use a wet cotton swab or wet cloth to remove extra WSS from the edge stitching. The jolly old elf will delight believers of all ages!