Tips for the Cutting Edge: Machine Embroidery Scissors

Ever wonder which scissors you should have for machine embroidery? There are so many different brands and styles on the market, it’s hard to know what to buy. I’ll show you five types I consider to be some of the best choices.

There are many different scissors manufacturers out there, so you may very well have your own favorites. These are styles and brands are scissors that I would not be without. General rule: Buy a good pair the first time and you will have spent wisely.

1  Double Curved Embroidery Scissors

These have a bend in the handle that makes reaching in the hoop so much easier. The blades also slightly curve. That allows you to trim jump stitches easily, and closely without taking the hoop off of the machine. I prefer Gingher.

2  Duck Bill Applique Scissors

Another absolute “must have” item for machine embroiderers, these Gingher scissors allow me to trim applique close to the tack down stitching line.

3  Snip-Eze

Although I do not have these particular scissors, I know quite a few people who do and they love them. They also work well for snipping threads and trimming applique fabrics. These are by Havel’s.

4  Curved 4″ Scissors

These little beauties are fantastic for getting into close quarters. They work well with cutwork and applique but also for trimming threads. The blades are slightly curved which works particularly well for embroidery. Handles are extremely comfortable (and mine are pink). A titanium blade holds up well to travel and frequent usage. These are by Westcott.

5  RazorEdge Fabric Shears

I love the fact that these scissors are angled. Because they contour to flat surfaces, hey are extremely easy to use when cutting fabrics, stabilizer, and batting on a tabletop. My brand of choice here is Fiskars.

Which scissors are your favorites?