Quilting Methods in the Hoop: Trapunto

Looking for high loft quilting you can do in the hoop? Trapunto is your technique!

Trapunto comes from the Italian meaning “to quilt.” Originally, the high-loft quilting method was extremely time consuming. After two layers of fabric were stitched together with outline stitching, the underside was sliced and stuffed to give a puffy quilted pattern. Fortunately, it is much easier to do right in your hoop.

Typically, two layers of batting are used. One layer is usually stitched to the stabilizer like an applique and trimmed to the stitch line before adding the other layer of batting, a backing fabric, and a top fabric.

Stiching can be done to match the fabric, like Trapunto Feather Quilt from Ace Points Embroidery

or in a colored thread like Trapunto Baroque Beauty, also from Ace Points.

Trapunto Rose Bag from Mar Lena Embroidery shows how using a shiny fabric, like lame, gives blocks a metallic look that further emphasizes the quilting motif.

Embroidery enhances block designs like Trapunto Floral Blocks from Ace Points Embroidery.

Insipration Mutz comes full circle, incorporating stipple quilting with trapunto and piecing in the hoop for ITH Trapunto Dog Blocks.

If you are looking to add a little oomph to your quilt, try trapunto. This week would be the perfect time since these designs are 70% off!