Quilt Quickly in Big Hoops

Just one of advantages of using a larger hoop is that you need fewer blocks to make a quilt!

Hoop size may not seem like a big deal, until you decide to make a quilt. If you use this guide from Threadbare Creations and want to make a queen-sized quilt, you will be relieved to have a big hoop.

Let’s use his block, part of Quilting 2 from Cuddle Me Crazy. If the largest hoop that you have is 4×4, you will need to stitch at least 300 four-inch bocks. That counts me out!

If, however, you had an 8×8 hoop, you would only need to stitch 80 of the eight-inch blocks. That is much more likely to happen at my house.

Another consideration is multiple hooping. Could you stitch one single heart of Pamelas Joy Quilt Blocks 2 from Graceful Embroidery at a time in a smaller hoop? Probably, but that would mean having to re-hoop and perfectly align the other three to make a larger block. Because it is an 8×8 design, it stitches up without any issues in just one hooping.

The same goes for quilting blocks that are already stiched. If you have blocks that you stitched in the traditional piecing method, all sewn together into a quilt, you can use designs like the Simple Mandala Blocks 1 Set from Stitch Emporium to quilt the quilt.

The set comes in three sizes, 5×5, 7×7, and 8×8, so you could quilt several different sizes of pre-made blocks. You could also create blocks of outline quilting. A slight change in thread color adds contrast. Consider using variegated thread for even more interest.

Mexican Folk Art Blocks Set 1 from Allstitch, combines the best of both worlds, embroidery with quilting  built in for big, bold 8×8 blocks.

Sew many possibilities!