Products That Work: Sulky Puffy Foam

Tired of the same old two-dimensional embroidery? Go 3-D with Sulky Puffy Foam!

Think of Sulky Puffy Foam as a layer of dense air. Much like embroidery toppers help to keep stitches from sinking out of sight, Puffy Foam adds depth by allowing thread to sit on top of the foam, encasing it on top of the fabric.

Foam sheets can be purchased in black, white, and 10 other colors, as well as in two thicknesses, 2 mm and 3 mm. Layers can be stacked for even more depth.

Embroidery designs specifically digitized for foam work best. Fonts, especially satin stitched tapered elegant-style lettering, and applique are ideal.

Any design with thick satin stitching that will perforate the foam, like stems and branches, is ideal for embroidering on foam.

When embroidery is finished, tear away the foam.

Puffy Foam stays in the stitching and is machine washable and dryable on low heat.

We will use Fantasy Flower Applique from Allstitch as a suggestion for what you can do with Puffy Foam. It is ideal because it features several kinds of embroidery within the same design.

A – Open, satin-stitched areas are perfect for using Puffy Foam. The foam makes them jump off the fabric.

B – For applique leaves and flowers, one layer of Puffy Foam adds dimension.

C – With designs that have multiple areas of applique, consider adding one layer of foam on the bottom, two in the middle, and three at the top.

Here are some tips for using Sulky Puffy Foam in your embroidery:

  • Embroider on a stable fabric using an appropriate stabilizer.
  • Float foam in the hoop.
  • Match foam color to the thread color of your satin stitched edge.
  • Reducing top tension may be necessary to keep from flattening the foam.
  • Keep scraps for small embroideries.
  • Use the correct needle for your base fabric. If unwanted foam pokes through the stitching, use a hair drier or steam from a steam iron to shrink it.